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Private Boat Tour Sorrento

Attractions in Sorrento

Sorrento is a small town with a massive reputation. It is known for its lemons, high-end hotels, and sheer cliffs that pierce the town’s historic center.

The town’s long-standing fame is a result of its strategic placement at the western entrance to the Amalfi Coast. Additionally, it is near the Pompeii train station and offers frequent quick ferry service to Naples and Capri.

Here, tourism has a long and rich history. The town was a required stop on the 19th-century “Grand Tour” + “Boat Tour Sorrento,” and poet Byron initially piqued interest in it. From there, a long line of holidaying literary giants, such as Goethe, Dickens, and Tolstoy, were encouraged to experience the Sorrentine air.

Attractions in Sorrento for Boat Tour

Museo Correale di Terranova

This comprehensive museum, which is located east of the city center, is well worth a visit whether you’re a clock collector, an expert in archaeology, or interested in exquisite pottery. Along with the extensive collection of Neapolitan arts and crafts from the 16th to the 19th centuries (including stunning examples of marquetry), you can also find European, Chinese, and Japanese ceramics, clocks, fans, and ancient and medieval artifacts on the ground level. One of these is a piece of an old Egyptian carving that was discovered close to Sedile Dominova in Sorrent

Basilica di Sant’ Antonino

The town’s oldest church, named after Sorrento’s patron saint, hardly even resembles a church from the outside. With its Roman artifacts, dark medieval murals, gilded ceiling, and the peculiarity of two whale ribs in the lobby beside the front door, the interior paints a more ecclesiastical picture. The adored saint reportedly worked many miracles, one of which was saving a child from a whale’s stomach. Underneath the baroque interior, in a crypt from the 18th century, are the saint’s remains.                Hundreds of silver medallions, many of them votives from sailors who were shipwrecked, are also present in the crypt.

Marina Grande

This remote former fishing town, which is clearly cut off from the main city and devoid of the hydrofoils and ferries that clog Marina Piccola, has a classic nautical feel akin to Marina Corricella on Procida. A neighborhood famed for its family-run seafood eateries has character thanks to its bobbing fishing boats and pastel-colored homes. The marina also safeguards Sorrento’s equivalent of a spiaggia (beach).

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