Family-friendly towns on the Amalfi Coast

February 27, 2024 By Bellarome Travel

The Amalfi Coast, with its breathtaking scenery and charming towns, is an idyllic destination for couples and families alike. The range of experiences offered by this splendid stretch of coast is so varied that it caters to all tastes and preferences.

As appealing as the perched villages and narrow streets may be, it pays to have a local point you in the right direction to ensure everyone has an enjoyable stay. Depending on the ages of travelers in your group, be it little ones or senior travelers, certain locations are preferable in terms of accessibility, beaches, and activities. Here are our tips to unlocking a carefree, child-friendly seaside vacation on the stunning Amalfi Coast.

Let’s unveil together the most memorable sites to visit for families in order of preference:


Sorrento is a haven for families along the Amalfi Coast, offering something special for everyone. Getting around is also easy, making it super convenient for exploring the area with little ones, especially with strollers. You can dive into the heart of the town, soaking up its history and charm, or hop on a boat for some epic coastal adventures. And with an abundance of cozy trattorias, even the pickiest little eaters will love the food. There is no shortage of kid-friendly beaches either; picture-perfect spots like Marina Grande and Puolo Beach offer sun-soaked relaxation and splashing fun in the sea. And should you wish to venture out, Sorrento is the gateway for boat tours to surrounding areas like private beaches, grottoes, Capri, or even just a short train ride to Naples or Pompeii for some sightseeing.





Minori, with its laid-back atmosphere, is an excellent choice for families looking to relax by the sea. The kid-friendly beaches, such as Spiaggia di Minori, offer a safe and welcoming environment for young swimmers. Explore the town’s charming streets, visit the Roman Villa Marittima, and savor traditional pastries like the local specialty, “sfogliatella,” for a sweet family treat. Minori offers a series of small beaches, both equipped and public, reachable directly from the seafront and small restaurants overlooking the city center.




Maiori is a place that seems to have come out of a fairy tale book, so much so that it has been chosen by many directors as the set for their films. This place is perfect for a trip to the Amalfi Coast with children because it has a splendid and large beach with parking. Among other things, the beach is located close to the seafront which in turn features fun rides but also various entertainment that comes to life throughout the year. Don’t forget to visit the city’s wonders such as the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria a Mare and indulge in some well-deserved indulgence.

Amalfi coast, Maiori



Amalfi, the namesake of the region, is a fantastic starting point for family explorations. The town’s historic cathedral, the Duomo di Sant’Andrea, and the engaging Museo della Carta (Paper Museum) provide educational experiences for curious minds. Meanwhile, the lively Piazza del Duomo offers gelato shops and open spaces for children to play. A family hike up the Valle delle Ferriere, with its lush greenery and waterfalls, is also a must for nature enthusiasts. Amalfi offers yet another advantage: it is easily accessible and well-connected to all other towns.

In fact, all means of transport – buses and ferries – depart from here to reach all the destinations of your trip.

Among the perfect activities to do on the Amalfi Coast with children is a visit to the Amalfi Paper Museum. Housed in an ancient, restored paper mill, the museum offers many interesting ideas for the little ones: here, they can closely observe the materials once used to make the Charta bambagina, an ancient local production still chosen today for valuable documents.

Amalfi coast2


While Positano and Amalfi steal the limelight for couples, Scala remains a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by families eager to explore the great outdoors. Known as the oldest town on the Amalfi Coast, Scala offers a respite from the usual tourist trails, inviting families into a world of verdant hiking paths that weave through ancient chestnut forests and lead to panoramic views of the coastline. The town’s quiet, unspoiled charm makes it an ideal base for families looking to dive into nature hikes, bird watching, and picnics amidst the ruins of old churches and watchtowers. Scala isn’t just a place to stay; it’s an invitation to connect with the Amalfi Coast’s wild heart.


Atrani, a stone’s throw from the bustle of Amalfi, offers an intimate glimpse into the soul of coastal living. This town, with its compact charm and labyrinthine alleys, is a living museum where children can learn about Italian coastal life through the ages. The town square, Piazza Umberto I, acts as a communal living room where locals gather to exchange stories, and children play freely, encapsulating the spirit of community that defines the Italian way of life. Exploring Atrani is like stepping into a living storybook, with each turn revealing a new chapter of history, culture, and culinary delights, untouched by the sands of time.

Conca dei Marini

Conca dei Marini, a tranquil haven, is home to one of the coast’s most spectacular natural wonders: the Emerald Grotto. Here, families can embark on a magical boat ride into a luminous, emerald-green cavern where stalactites and stalagmites create an otherworldly landscape. This adventure isn’t just a boat trip; it’s a journey into the heart of the Mediterranean’s marine heritage, offering a unique opportunity to inspire young minds with the beauty and mystery of the natural world. It’s an educational experience that highlights the importance of marine conservation, making it a must-visit for families passionate about nature and science.



Things to consider when traveling with the family to the Amalfi coast

  1. Stroller friendliness: some towns like Capri and Positano feature steep cobblestone streets which might not be suitable for certain types of strollers. Remember that, being on a cliff, the further away you stay from the town, the higher up your accommodation – which can be tiresome with heavy luggage and challenging with strollers.
  2. Beach suitability: there is a myriad of sandy beaches on offer on the Amalfi Coast, so don’t get caught out staying somewhere with rocky beaches with kids. When you plan a trip with us, we’ll ensure you are near the most suitable beaches for your family.
  3. Activities and day trips: depending on the ages of your group, if you are looking for a fast-paced vacation with day trips and tours, we recommend staying in less remote villages where the boats are frequent and direct and won’t test your patience.
  4. Room size and accessibility: rooms all over Italy (and Europe for that matter) are generally more compact than in other countries like the US and Australia. So if you are traveling with a lot of luggage, you might need a bit of guidance in finding suitable accommodation. The same goes for the availability of lifts to get your luggage in and out. In this case, we advise basing yourself somewhere convenient with the possibility to commute freely to other more remote places should you wish.


Crafting Unforgettable Memories on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is truly a paradise for families, offering a plethora of unforgettable experiences amidst its breathtaking scenery and charming towns. Navigating this stunning coastline with little ones requires some insider knowledge, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable stay for everyone. When planning your family adventure on the Amalfi Coast, consider factors like stroller accessibility, beach suitability, and accommodation amenities to ensure a seamless and memorable vacation for all. With careful planning and expert guidance, your family can embark on an unforgettable journey, creating cherished memories along the stunning Amalfi Coast.

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