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Capri Private Boat Tour

Capri Attractions For Private Boat Tour

Capri, the most famous and glamorous of all the islands in Italy. With warm Mediterranean weather, sea breezes with a fresh, lemony perfume, pizza and blue caves at its foot, how could you resist?

Capri is renowned for its imposing coastline dotted with opulent houses. The lavish Italian island serves as a playground for jetsetters and gorgeous celebrities. However, despite its expensive price tag and classy atmosphere, there are numerous attractions that appeal to all types of tourists.

Lush gardens, spectacular isolated hiking routes, and magnificent natural vistas abound, and none of them will set you back a fortune. There are plenty of upscale dining and shopping options on the island.

Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto)

The grotto is a large, flooded cave with a sea exit. Reflected sunlight gives the cave the appearance of being inside lighted by an unsettling intense blue glow. When the sea is turbulent, it becomes impossible to enter the cave through the aperture, which is barely a meter high. Small boats are gathered around the entrance to transport guests inside.

Although the Romans believed it to be the residence of sea nymphs, it has become Capri’s main tourist destination since the 19th century. Take a boat from Marina Grande, a bus from Anacapri, or the three-kilometer Via Pagliaro to get to the Blue Grotto.

Giardini di Augusto (Gardens of Augustus)

A beautiful terrace with the immaculately kept botanic gardens nearby frames views of the Faraglioni sea stacks standing in the azure-green water below with flowers and pergolas.

Turn around to observe the Via Krupp, a route that descends in a series of ribbon-candy circles to Marina Piccola, which is about 91 meters below. The German weapons maker Via Krupp, who vacationed on Capri, created it.

Villa San Michele

There aren’t many villas with such an ideal location, yet Villa San Michele’s charm rests not only in its beauty but also in its uniqueness. Axel Munthe, a Swedish physician, lived there and memorialized the design, building, and details of his life in The Story of San Michele.

His personal collections, which range from rare archaeological treasures like Roman, Egyptian, and Etruscan antiquities to works of 20th-century art, are displayed around the house and the gardens that surround it. Its gardens offer stunning vistas that are framed by marble statues and pergolas covered in vines.

Capri Private Boat Tours

The greatest way to see Capri’s more remote areas and its stunning sea cliffs for those who don’t have the time to walk along the island’s many picturesque coastline trails is on a boat excursion around the island. By motorboat, it takes around two hours, and by rowing, it takes three to four hours. One of the most popular activities on Capri is taking shorter excursions around and amid the Faraglioni sea stacks, which take around an hour.

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