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Ischia is the perfect Italian vacation spot for those looking for a carefree beach getaway where wellness and relaxation are the norm. It has long stretches of sandy beach, vibrant green hills, natural hot springs, opulent spas, and excellent cuisine that combines seafood classics with inland specialties.

Ischia is referred to as “The Green Island” because a large portion of its landscape is covered with beautiful Mediterranean flora. But among Italians it is best known for its natural thermal spas, arguably there is no better setting to enjoy a hot spa in a natural setting.

Attractions in Ischia

The Bay of Citara – Forio

On clear days, the Pontine Islands may be seen on the horizon, and this bay boasts a long beach with beautiful white sand and clear water. The best sunset views on the island may be found here, where it is sunny all day. There are a few beach clubs and a free public area, including the upscale portion that is part of the Giardini Poseidon (hot spring spa). One of Ischia’s most stunning and well-liked beaches is this one.

San Francisco – Forio

There is a tiny free beach here as well as a few beach clubs, and the beach is located beneath the lava-stone cliffs of Punta Caruso. This area’s water is very clear and renowned for its turquoise and blue hues. Here, as on all the beaches along Forio, the sun rises and sets all day.

The Negombo Spa on Ischia

Taking the waters in a tropical garden, Negombo is our favorite Ischian thermal spa out of all of them. Its beautiful, almost untamed gardens surround over a dozen pools, as well as numerous little relaxation places, smaller private patios, and cool, shaded locations with modern art pieces. The Bay of San Montano even has a stunning beach.

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