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Naples is a city with a thousand faces that deserves to be seen and experienced several times. Once is not definitely enough! Visiting Naples is a different experience every time you decide to see it. In fact, anyone who has been to Naples will be back at least once. And every time you will discover a new place amnd perspective, because it always offers something new and extraordinary to discover.

The third most populated city for tourism in Italy, Naples has a rich history that dates to the 7th century BC, when it was founded by the Cumans and became one of the most important cities in all of Magna Graecia.

Today Naples tour can be considered the cradle of culture. Walking through its streets, full of artistic and architectural treasures, is an experience to be made. Naples is a city with a unique magic, even in terms of natural attractions. From food – pizza or mozzarella di bufala only to name a few – to the thousands of entertainments and stimuli of all kinds, it is a city where it is impossible to get bored.


Top Tourist Attractions In Naples

Castel Nuovo

This monumental complex is the symbol of the City of Naples. The construction of Castel Nuovo, known as Maschio Angioino, dates back to 1279, under the reign of Charles I of Anjou, based on a project by the French architect Pierre de Chaule.

The Palatine Chapel is the only testimony of the ancient Angevin palace and there are some sculptures from the Neapolitan Renaissance.

The Castle houses the Civic Museum with frescoes and paintings ranging from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century and works of art from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Due to its strategic position, the new castle covered not only the characteristics of a royal residence, but also those of a fortress. Currently the monumental complex is intended for cultural use and is the seat of the Civic Museum.


Historic Center

Naples’ historic center, considered the largest in Europe, was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995 and is the place where ancient churches, museums, and theatres among its streets located. This area includes the following districts: Avvocata, Montecalvario, San Giuseppe, Porto, Pendino, Mercato, Chiaia, San Ferdinando, Stella, San Carlo all’Arena, San Lorenzo and Vicarìa, part of the hills del Vomero and Posillipo.

Neighborhoods that, overall, are to be considered an authentic stage of art, history, and urban planning that tells the stratifications of the city of Naples and its almost three millennia-long histories.

Underground Naples tour is also an unmissable stop; an evocative path in the subsoil of Naples to discover the Greek-Roman remains subsequently used as a refuge to shelter from bombing during the Second World War and still bears witness to the life of those moments with objects, memories, and graffiti.


The Veiled Christ

The Veiled Christ, located in the center of the nave of the Sansevero Chapel, is one of the major works of the immense artistic heritage offered by the city of Naples and is still the object of pilgrimage by tourists from all over the world.

Located in the center of the nave of the chapel, the Veiled Christ welcomes visitors with all its indescribable beauty.

Commissioned to Antonio Corradini, the sculpture was never finished by the artist who died in 1752, only a small terracotta sketch remains of its original project preserved in the San Martino Museum.

Giuseppe Sanmartino took the commission for the work, however, he did not consider the sketch made by Corradini, already celebrated for his veiled figures. But Sanmartino added an emotional sensitivity to the veil of Christ, creating an unprecedented shroud. He transforms the work into a dramatic evocation, transforming the suffering of Christ, with that inanimate and tortured body, into the symbol of the redemption of all humanity.

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