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Ravello Tour


Ravello Tour

Ravello is an Italian town the province of Salerno in Campania and one of the most evocative destinations on the entire Amalfi Coast: a panoramic terrace that offers wonderful views, capable of amazing millions of visitors worldwide.

It is part of the Amalfi Coast (registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997) and it is known as the “City of Music”, since it is the seat of the Ravello Festival, an important musical event, which is held in the gardens of Villa Rufolo during the summer months.

Ravello amazes for its particular atmosphere, relaxed, sophisticated and quiet: if you visit it after stopping in the more chaotic Amalfi or in the overcrowded Positano, you will almost feel like you have moved away from the Amalfi Coast.

Walking through the narrow streets adorned with flowers, it is possible to appreciate the beauty of the place, which is striking for the combination of the atmosphere of the alpine landscape and its Mediterranean, colorful gardens.

Ravello is considered a true “open-air museum”, both for the exceptional beauty of its monuments and for its breath-taking landscapes.


Attractions For Ravello Tour

Villa Rufolo

It is considered the spearhead of Ravello. Built by a wealthy merchant family in the 13th century, the villa has a rich and intense past. Boccaccio, one of the first authors of the Italian Renaissance, wrote a short story about the villa and its owner in his “Decameron”, which was published in 1353.

The villa, exceptional from an architectural and aesthetic point of view, creates a timeless beauty that has been able to bewitch practically anyone who has passed through these parts.

The villa is an immense architectural heritage that still constitutes one of the main reasons that bring Italian and foreign tourists to reach Ravello.

At its origins, it was one of the largest and most expensive villas on the Amalfi Coast, and several legends grew up regarding a treasure hidden inside.


Villa Cimbrone Gardens and the Terrace of Infinity


The famous gardens of Villa Cimbrone, most likely considered among the most beautiful things to see on the Amalfi Coast, are housed in the Hotel Villa Cimbrone, a 5-star hotel located on the Amalfi Coast.

The Gardens of Villa Cimbrone are the result of the strong influence of classical literature and the reinterpretation of the Roman villa, adorned with numerous and impressive decorative elements from all over the world, such as fountains, nymphaeums, statues, temples and pavilions.

At the entrance of the Gardens, a plant of white and blue wisteria roofs the main path, the dreamy Viale dell’Immenso, which will lead you to the most exciting place of all: the wonderful Terrace of Infinity. Here, you will be suspended 365 meters high, halfway between sky and sea: a breath of wind could give you the feeling of flying.


Castiglione Beach

Ravello, whose historic center is clinging to a rocky spur at about 350 meters above sea level, from which it enjoys an unparalleled view of the coast below,  has an outlet to the sea: the amazing Castiglione Beach, located in the hamlet of the same name, at the gates of the nearby village of Atrani.

As well as by sea, the charming beach is considered by many the most beautiful beach in Ravello.

Enchanted and little known, the beach is about a hundred meters long and is enclosed in a scenario of rare beauty: on the one hand, the beautiful noble palaces of the Ravellese hamlet of Castiglione stand out while, on the other side, the characteristic silhouette of Atrani stands out, with the Church of the Maddalena and its unmistakable bell tower.

Castiglione Beach is a sandy beach, a stretch of coast of about 100 meters, which is a recess of the rocks that surround it on three sides.

It is a quiet and not very chaotic beach, with a very suggestive landscape.

Being surrounded by rocks, Castiglione Beach is in the shade from the early afternoon.


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