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Salerno Tour

Salerno Tour

The city of Salerno, one of the absolute gems of Campania, is made of history, sea, and unspoiled nature. Lying on the Campania coast overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and protected by the Apennines, Salerno is a treasure full of secrets to be discovered. In fact, it boasts a history that can be read in the numerous monuments that represent a real “open-air museum”, an unforgettable experience for all those who love art and culture and spend lively summer holidays or pleasant Christmas stays.  Salerno is also immersed in a region full of treasures of land and sea. The surroundings of Salerno are an absolute attraction, like the city.

From the Salerno railway station, it is possible to reach all the most interesting sites of the Amalfi Coast such as: Positano, Amalfi, Vietri Sul Mare, Ravello, as well as to discover the wild lands of Cilento.

Attractions in Salerno

Arechi Castle (Hiking and Walking Tour)

Arechi Castle of Salerno is a medieval castle, located at a height of about 300 meters above sea level, overlooking the city and the gulf. It is called Arechi because the construction of this fortification is traditionally associated with the Lombard duke Arechi II.

In the central body of the castle there is a small museum, which mostly collects ancient ceramics and coins. Inside, it is possible to enjoy a magnificent view of the Gulf of Salerno from one of the highest points of the city.

Arechi Castle is a perfect location to celebrate elegant and luxury events and weddings with breathtaking views to admire while having lunch in the restaurant set up inside the structure.

The Cathedral (Ultimate Boat Tour in Cathedral)

The Cathedral of Salerno was strongly desired by Roberto il Guiscardo and was consecrated by Pope Gregory VII himself who took refuge in Salerno to escape the emperor, Henry IV.

Typical exteriors of Romanesque architecture, interiors and works of art ranging from the Middle Ages to the Baroque, a bell tower with 8 bells that represents an excellent fusion of the West with the dictates of Arab-Norman aesthetics: in the Cathedral of Salerno many stories and many beauties meet, never colliding, but creating a complex of pure charm.

A staircase allows access to the cathedral through a door “protected” on the sides by the sculptures of a lion and a lioness.

To enter the actual place of worship, it is necessary to pass through a bronze door made in Byzantium.

The heart of the cathedral is undoubtedly the crypt where in 1081 the relics of St. Matthew and the holy martyrs of Salerno were placed. At the center of the crypt, there is the sepulcher where the relics of St. Matthew are kept, and its position is not accidental because it wants to remind all visitors that the apostle is the center of the whole place of worship.

Minerva Garden (Museum and Natural History)

Minerva Gareden was created in the 18th century by Matteo Silvatico, an important doctor of the famous Scuola Medica Salernitana, the oldest medical university in the world. It is precisely in this place that the first botanical garden in the Western world was born, where two types of design and use of vegetation were then taken up also in the subsequent botanical gardens of Padua, Pisa, Florence, Pavia and Bologna.

Inside Minerva Garden, a large quantity of plants and herbs were cultivated and classified for the first time, in order to study their therapeutic and medicinal properties for scientific purposes.

Today, the historic Minerva Garden represents one of the most important and significant pieces of the rebirth of the historic center of Salerno. Developed in the nineties, they are an essential stop on all major city tours.

The garden hosts exhibitions and events of particular interest in all seasons.

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